Vertex Image Products, Inc.
now produces a dielectric test fixture designed for high temperature applications. Glass, ceramic, or other heat tolerant sheet or pill samples can now be tested on the VIP-270. The cell can be connected to analytical circuitry with banana plugs and placed in an oven cavity having a temperature of up to 400F degrees.
The electrodes are fabricated from a high nickel furnace grade stainless steel alloy selected for resistance to oxidation at elevated temperatures. The cell is a three terminal type, with an air spaced, grounded guard ring surrounding the fixed electrode in the same vertical plane. The moving electrode is spring loaded to maintain sample contact, and it is isolated from ground with a refractory material.

The standard electrodes are plane and parallel to within 0.001" and have a 2.125" diameter with a 1.75" sensing face, though other sizes can be custom fabricated.

The VIP-270 has several features to help the researcher. A simple tire chuck with compressed air can be used to purge contaminants from the space between the guard ring and fixed electrode. With reasonable care, the entire cell can be disassembled for cleaning and maintenance. The mounted sample thickness can be measured indirectly with a 2" micrometer or a caliper. Air gap dielectric values can be measured by inserting resistive shims, or the sample itself, behind the adjustable banana receptacle.

These cells are superbly crafted and can be delivered within 8 weeks  of the purchase order receipt.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific measurement needs.


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