The VIP-200 Dielectric Cell
The Vertex VIP-200 is a stainless steel, cavity-type test cell for performing dielectric and conductivity measurements. Parallel, vertical, plane electrodes are contained in the cavity, with one electrode being movable with a micrometer adjustment. The electrode gap is adjustable up to about 0.4 inches, with readability better than 0.001 inches. Fringe electric fields are suppressed around the low end (fixed) electrode by a grounded guard ring isolated by a layer of Teflon™.

There are several micrometer options available in the VIP-200 series dielectric cell. The VIP-200 has a simple micrometer barrel, available in S.A.E. or metric graduations. The VIP-200F incorporates a fristion thimble micrometer, which permits each technician to apply the same compression force to the sample.  The deluxe VIP-200D, also having a friction thimble, has a digital electronic micrometer with a 5 digit LCD display convertible from metric to S.A.E. units.

The standard electrode is 2.125 inches in diameter, with a sensing area inside the guard ring 1.75 inches in diameter.  Other electrode sizes can be fabricated to suit the customer's needs.  The electrode cavity is liquid tight, and is sealed with material that can withstand a temperature of 50C, if it necessary to subject the cell and sample to elevated temperatures.

Electrical connections are of the three terminal type. The moving electrode normally is configured with a standard banana plug and receives the higher voltage input. The fixed electrode is connected to a BNC electrical terminal. Other types of connectors can be supplied upon special request.

These cells are superbly crafted.  If not available from stock, fabrications can be delivered within 8 weeks of purchase order receipt.


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