VIP T-150 Triboelectric Tester
Vertex Image Products, Inc. is pleased to provide a triboelectric tester to serve vendors, manufacturers and customers of two component toners and developers. When coupled with the user's air supply, the new T-150 provides a repeatable standard for blow-off triboelectric measurements. The T-150 saves the need for an external electrometer by providing a built-in electrometer circuit.

The instrument includes the following features:

  • The air duration is controlled with time selections of 5, 15, 30 and 60 seconds.
  • An oscillating Faraday cage assembly provides both electrical contact and mechanical support. The cage flips in a vertical plane every 2.5 seconds to mix the developer and cause all particles to experience the air stream.
  • The air pressure to the nozzle is panel adjusted and monitored.
  • A door interlock protects operators from the high pressure air stream.
  • The Faraday cage is equipped with stainless steel screens (25 micron opening) and a screen mounting tool.
  • The sample charge is digitally displayed on the T-150 front panel, with direct readings to plus or minus 10 microcoulombs.
  • A self contained dust collection system uses locally available replacement air filters. These prevent toner from being injected into the surroundings.
  • The replaceable power cord delivers 115 volts (220 optional).
  • The finish is dirt resistant black anodized aluminum. The net weight is over 40 pounds
Upon consideration you will find this model to be the ideal instrument for your quality control and R & D requirements. Delivery is Normally 10 weeks or less. Each unit is guaranteed to perform satisfactorily for one year after the purchase date.


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