The Vertex Pill Die
Vertex Image Products, Inc.
is now supplying steel dies for compressing plastics and other pressure-fusing materials for laboratory analysis. The dies are fabricated from heat treated tool steel, hardened to about 60 Rockwell "C," and are then given a protective layer of industrial chrome. A sliding tolerance of only 0.002" keeps the product confined to the compression chamber while providing smooth operation.

The standard die will produce pills having a diameter of 2.25" though other sizes can be fabricated. Weighing 14 pounds (6.4kg), the die can withstand 25,000 pounds of compression force without permanent distortion.

CARE and USE: As with any hardened object, the die should not be struck with another hard object. It should be used only with hydraulic or pneumatic presses designed for compression purposes. Corrosive materials should be avoided.

The die should be cleaned after every use. Periodically wipe the die surface with a thin lubricating oil, then remove the excess. This will ensure a long and satisfactory tool life.

The four component die, consisting of a barrel, small and large plunger, and a spacer ring, is currently priced as follows:

The Vertex Pill Die: $1,700.00

F.O.B. Yukon, PA. Delivery time is approximately one month.


173 Spring Street, Yukon, PA 15698, 724-722-3400, Fax: 724-722-3430