Electrostatic imaging occurs when a light source or other means is used to create a pattern of static electric charges on an imaging surface. In many machine designs, the image is made visible using a "developer", a mixture of colored toner particles and magnetic "carrier" beads. The carrier beads have surface properties that impart either a positive or negative triboelectric charge to the toner. A system of magnets and rollers is used to move the developer powder to deposit its toner on the latent image.

Since 1986, VERTEX IMAGE PRODUCTS, INC. has supplied commercial and custom carrier powders used in copiers and printers in the reprographics industry. Our expertise allows us to impart and control both positive and negative charge polarities to a wide range of toner types. Our carriers have found use in electrophotographic systems including copiers, printers, microfilm systems, "blueprint" duplicators, and MICR (Magnetic Image Character Recognition) conversion systems. Successful carriers have been produced using core materials that are metals and metal oxides, sponge or solid, spheres or flakes, conductive or resistive, coarse or fine. Our family of possible coating materials includes oxide layers, styrene/acrylics, vinyls, silicones, and fluoropolymers.

Vertex is now located in a growing facility in western Pennsylvania. We work with toner producers and others to design a compatible carrier for specific needs. We welcome anyone who has developer problems to allow us to help find a technical solution.

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